Start a server with MagmaNode!

Create your own server with MagmaNode, without any costs!



  • Up to 70% CPU.
  • Up to 1GB RAM.
  • Up to 2GB HDD.
  • Up to 1 Database.
  • DDoS protection


starting €1

  • Up to 400% CPU.
  • Up to 8GB RAM.
  • Up to 20GB SSD.
  • Unlimited Databases.
  • DDoS protection


starting €1

  • Up to 40GB HDD or 20GB SSD.
  • Apache 2.4, PHP 7.2
  • Unmetered bandwith
  • DDoS protection


If you configure it perfectly, it won't lag. If you need any help contact us on our Discord server!
Our servers are located in Falkenstein, Germany.
After the expiration date we will keep your server for 7 days, if you do not renew your server, it will be deleted.
We are offering free servers, because of that we need revenue to keep our free nodes online. The ads are hidden for users with a premium service.
You need to accept Mojang's eula. Go to the file manager and then edit eula.txt