Use of cookies

Like many websites, this site uses cookies. Here we explain what cookies are and how they are used.

What are cookies

Cookies are small files that are stored on your local computer when you access Internet pages through your Internet browser. Internet pages store various information in the files in order to make the use of visited Internet pages more comfortable for you. Often, for example, your login is stored in cookies in order to log you in automatically when you visit the website later, without you having to enter your access data again manually.

How we use cookies

Login: When you log in, your access data is stored in encrypted form as cookies in order to automatically log you in when you visit the site later.
Session: A new session is started the first time you visit our site, this session is assigned to your computer by a unique cookie. Sessions allow us to recognize you between two page views and to provide you with all functionalities. It is a temporary cookie that is automatically deleted when you exit the Internet browser.
Third-party services: The display of advertisements or the sharing of content on social networks or similar websites may result in the generation of a cookie. These cookies are not generated directly by our site, but by the third-party provider itself.