Create a Server
How to Create a Minecraft Server
To create a Minecraft server, start by setting a name for your server. Next, select the Minecraft game version you would like to host. If you choose "Java" version of the Game, you will be asked for the server software and version.

PaperSpigot: Ideal for high-performance needs, PaperSpigot is optimized for servers with a large number of players, reducing lag and improving the overall experience. Choose this if you prioritize efficiency and have a high player count.

Purpur: A fork of PaperSpigot, Purpur offers additional customization and unique gameplay features. It’s a great choice if you want to experiment with new server configurations and gameplay mechanics.

Tuinity: Although no longer actively developed (last update for Minecraft 1.17.1), Tuinity focuses on scalability and performance, suitable for large servers running earlier Minecraft versions.

Spigot: A popular and well-supported server software, Spigot is ideal for those who want a stable platform and wish to enhance their server with a wide range of plugins.

Bukkit: User-friendly and plugin-compatible, Bukkit is a good option for those seeking an easy setup and management experience for their Minecraft server.

Forge: Forge is tailored for servers that plan to use Minecraft mods extensively. It provides robust modding capabilities, making it the preferred choice for mod-heavy servers.

Vanilla: The Vanilla server software is the most basic form of Minecraft, without support for plugins. Choose this for a pure, unmodified Minecraft experience or a simple server setup.
How to Manage Your Minecraft Server
After you created the server, you can manage your server at the services page. Click on the "Manage" button. You will be redirected to the server manage page where you can start, restart, stop or kill your server, create subdomains, install mods or plugins, change your server version and much more.

If you accidently created the wrong server you can click on the Others button on the manage page. There you can delete your current server and create a new one.
How to Connect to Your Minecraft Server
First you need to start your server from the manage page, click the "Start" button. To connect to your server, copy the IP address, which you can find in the box on the left side in the manage page. Paste the IP address into your Minecraft client and join the server.

If the Minecraft server kicks you with the following message "Invalid Username" or "Failed to Verify Username", then you are most likely using a cracked Minecraft Client.
To resolve this, follow these steps:

Navigate to the server's file manager and open the '' file. Modify "online-mode" to 'false'. This step is necessary for players using cracked Minecraft Clients. If you're using a newer version of Minecraft, also change "enforce-secure-profile" to 'false'.

After making these adjustments, restart your server to apply the changes.

With these settings updated, you should now be able to join your Minecraft server.